Parasetter® (WHOLESALE)
Parasetter® (WHOLESALE)
Parasetter® (WHOLESALE)
PhysicalMind Institute

Parasetter® (WHOLESALE)

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This product has three parts:

      1. Dual attached rollers measuring 40" x 5" x 2.5" and weighing 8.3 ounces. It is made of a special composite with a perfect degree of firmness and resiliency which is easily cleaned.
      2. A specially designed Head Support with a removable neoprene sham cover that can be used separately from the Parasetter®.
      3. A 50" neoprene Ribwrap is a closed-loop strap which can be used separately as well. It can be placed at the waist, the low back, or anywhere it is needed.

Parasetter® is a registered trademark and has two patents. Parasetter® was invented in New York; and is manufactured in California, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. 100% MADE in the USA. 

*Please note that we accept no refunds of Parasetter®.

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