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Slip the MINIS™ into the Lean™ holster and attach to your desk chair. The high position, at the thoracic, will allow you to lean back, opening your chest and impacting your fascia. This stretch will be intense but welcome after a long day your desk. The low position, at the lumbar, is a supportive massage for your low back. 

Lean™ is available with or without Minis™- if you do not own Minis™ you will need to order the option in which they are included.

“Sitting all day causes your hip flexors and hamstrings to shorten and stiffen so that when you get up you are unable to achieve good vertical alignment contributing to knee, hip and low back pain. In addition, your circulation is impaired in your lower extremities as your foot and ankle do not move enough to help your lymphatic system move fluids from the lower half of your body up and out to restore it to a healthy state. Using Lean™ on your chair allows your rib cage to expand and helps fill your lungs with oxygen while restoring normal thoracic mobility to your spine as well as allowing your shoulders to stay wide reducing poor head and shoulder postures that are detrimental to your health.  Standing on the Minis for 5 minutes will restore the proprioception you need to have good alignment and enable your center of gravity to be within your base of support as the muscles perform micro-movements to improve the circulation throughout you musculoskeletal system.” -Marika Molnar, PT, LaC

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