Pilates Apparatus Certification Package
Pilates Apparatus Certification Package
Pilates Apparatus Certification Package
Pilates Apparatus Certification Package
Pilates Apparatus Certification Package
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Pilates Apparatus Certification Package

Pilates Apparatus Teacher & Student Manuals for Teacher Training
The best Teacher Training materials result from having written programs 25 years ago and then reviewing and updating as the population changes and prospective teachers have more exposure.  Now we have the perfect combination of exercises—78 in total—40 “The Hit Parade”—photographed in full color. These exercises are on the Reformer, Chair and Cadillac. The includes additional source materials, texts and videos.
Here’s the complete program:


  1. 106 pages with Essays on Principles, Osteoporosis, Alignment, Kendall Postural Assessment, Injuries and much more.
  2. Forms on Equipment Maintenance, Client Intake, Waiver of Liability, Teaching Logs, Incident Report and more.
  3. Specific Homework Assignments.
  4. Four free videos about Fundamentals & Reformer Repertoire.


  1. 59 pages including Lesson Plans with Questions and Exercises Focus.
  2. Written Final Exam: 50 Multiple Choice, True/False, and Fill in the Blank questions plus four Essays to write.
  3. Guidelines  about how to structure the program from the Institute that created the FIRST Teacher Training Syllabus in 1991.

And finally, what is even more important is that Students can receive the PhysicalMind Certification and join thousands who did during these past decades. 

We know that Studios need to add new sources of income. Teacher Training does this—and so much more. It allows studios to being in new clients for a minimal fee to be Training “subjects” or invite current clients for free. Programs that reach out to the public are interesting to media so it is possible to get this information in news.

The price for this program for teacher trainers is $1600. For the first time ever we are offering a payment plan. 4 installments of $400 will give you the programming that you will need to hold teacher training courses for years to come. Our payment plans will run through Partial.ly and you will be walked through this simple payment process at checkout.



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