TYE4® Certification Registration
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TYE4® Certification Registration

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Tye4® Certification Program is for instructors to become proficient in the use of this creative prop for matwork and standing exercises for individuals and group training.  The program requires one month minimum of home study using the product with PMI digital programs and working out with Ashley Benson on her online platform. During the Workshop, the student will review all the “wraps” and typical exercises and then do a full Fusion class which the student will teach.



  1. $100 One Time Registration Fee

  2. $150 Tye4® and Tye4X™ (to be provided after launch)

  3. $100 Matwork class or $125 Fusion Pilates workshop

  4. $24.99 Online Tye4 Studio—(one month subscription)

  5. Free Tye4® videos on PMI site

  6. $300.00 LIVE Workshop

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